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From: The desk of Khalid Yaseen


Would you believe that it were possible to earn a six-figure income one week?

I didn't either until I read the story of one under-the-radar internet publisher who did just that-and he's not the only one!

I never realized the fortunes that have been made on the internet over the last 5-10 years until about six months ago.  You're probably thinking that these fortunes were made in iniquitous industries such as riba, gambling or pornography.  I'm sure that, unfortunately, you're probably correct in some cases.  But there are numerous lawful markets where people just like you and me have struck gold on the internet working from the comfort of their own homes.

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals have seen their businesses and incomes shoot through the roof.  Some mom and pop merchants have accumulated fortunes pitching their gadgets and widgets on the internet.   What's their secret?  How were they able to do it? 

I'll give you all the information on growing your business or starting your business if you don't have one.

The name of the report is called "The Halal Report".  It is the first online newsletter designed to assist Muslims in halal wealth accumulation using legislative Shariah means, coupled with halal material tactics and techniques many non-Muslims are using to, quite frankly, afford them a "license to print money".

I know some of you may be new to the internet and just a little intimidated by all of the technical information.  It doesn't matter if you have an offline business with no website or if you run a profitable internet business, I can show you how to increase your profits, outmaneuver your competition, and uncover hidden revenue streams and build new avenues for increasing wealth in order to increase your time spent with your family and worshipping of Allaah alone-the purpose of why you were created.

OK, I know you are going to say that the sustenance is with Allaah and it has already been written.  I agree!  However, we've been ordered to take to the means while putting our ultimate trust and dependence on Allaah.  In my course, I will show you how to effectively use halal means that we have not been privy to until recently.

I've learned and I am continuing to learn from those who have made huge fortunes online in a very short period of time using the techniques and strategies that I will share with you, Insha-Allaah.  Can you put a price tag on such information: $200, $300, $1,000?  For a limited time you'll get this information absolutely free!  That's right!  You'll just have to sign up for my free course, commit to stay with me and apply what I teach you...just fill out the form to receive your first installment.  I guarantee your privacy and your information will never be sold or given to an outside party.

Now, am I guaranteeing that you'll get rich overnight?  No!  But I will guarantee is that if you use these strategies and techniques you will improve your situation.  I'm sure that you've seen sites or heard of programs promising that you can make a gozillion dollars on the internet tomorrow...Many people fall for these type of schemes because these opportunists prey on the people's natural inclination of wanting something for nothing--the quick fix.  Why do you think that the lottery and gambling are so popular in America.  Don't think that this problem only affects non-Muslims. Unfortunately, I can give you a few stories about Muslims getting "caught up".

The surest way to build 'halal' wealth is to lay a solid foundation from the Qur'an and the Sunnah in seeking wealth and sustenance from Allaah-building a legitimate business based on sound, proven principles that I will teach you in my course, Insha-Allaah.   

Who am I?

It is very likely that you've never heard of me.  And if the name sounds familiar, I am not the one who published "The Purpose of Life".  Recently, while out of town my wife indicated that, "we have to get back home by Monday because you have go to work...or go to your computer".  I laughed because I guess if you work out of your home many people really don't believe you're working especially if you sit in front of one of those monitors with a mouse clicking from site to site.

Yes, it's lonely sometimes as an internet marketer or publisher because no one, not even your spouse really knows what you do from day to day.

It started back in 1999 for me, not as an internet publisher but a Muslim entrepreneur never wanting to work for anyone ever again...never wanting anyone telling me that I can't go to the masjid for Salaat...never wanting anyone to tell me to shave this or don't wear that.  Have you ever been there?  I'm sure many of you have.  I'm not saying everything has been rosy since...quite the contrary.  But all that I've experienced has led me to where I am today.

Back in 1999, I never thought about the internet and I didn't know anything about direct response marketing--absolutely nothing.  I never thought that wild profits could be made with a minimal investment right from the comfort of your own home.

I grew up believing that "it takes money to make money".  Well, it does take a little capital to get started in any business endeavor, so don't let anyone fool you.  But what I've come to find out is that all businesses are not created equal.  While some businesses do require huge upfront capital and hard work, others require little capital and more 'creative' hard work.

I want to introduce to you specific strategies that I've modelled from other infopreneurs that if you apply them, along with other information I'll share with you, will increase your wealth dramatically. 

You really have nothing to lose as I mentioned earlier-for the time being-my newsletter is absolutely free.  And I am committed to absolutely bring value to you and your family as we embark upon this journey together.  No hype, just pure substance that may affect you and your financial situation for the rest of your life.  The first step is to subscribe to my "Halal Report" email course using the form below.

Last thing, if you have a pressing question along the way or wish to drop me a line, offer some advice or send a testimonial, give me a call at 313-366-1695.  You can even send a fax to this number or an email to

Your Brother in Islam,


Khalid Yaseen

P.S.  This course will probably be unlike any you've taken before.  I'm excited for you and I can't wait to begin this journey together.  Sign up now to get your first free lesson!

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